Claus Meyer and Rye bread

As some might have noticed, the Danish chef and entrepreneur Claus Meyer has opened a restaurant / food hall in New York. The food is the best Nordic food you can imagine, and of course have cold cuts (smorrebrød) on the menu as well. Here is a link to the website and a video with Claus Meyer where the concept is explained.

And notice that Claus says in the video

“Rye bread is everything. But a good rye bread is very difficult to find”.

As you all know, I couldn’t agree more. So start making it your self, and make your own variation, that makes it the best rye bread for you in the world 🙂 Claus Meyer - Rye bread

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I love rye and rye bread in particular. I cook and bake all sorts of things containing rye and also made a blog with recipes of the things I make. You can see it on You can also see some videos I have made of how to do different rye breads at My YouTube channel

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