Rye bread and sour dough dont always do as expected. Here are some questions and answers that could be good to read.

Why is my rye bread not rising?

This is a very common problem.

  • Mostly it is because that you havent waited long enough. It takes somewhere between 1 and 4 hours for my bread to rise to the edge of the bread form.
  • It can also be the sour dough that died. Try and smell the sour dough. If it smells like actone it is probably dead. And then the bread will not rise.
  • Or it can be the weather. Yes, thats right:-) If it is very moisty or raining and clouds are hanging really low, that can set down the activity of the yeast cells that are contained in the sour dough.

Why is the bread dry after 2 days?

  • Please make sure that the final bread dough is wet before you put it in the form. The fell and texture should be like oat meal. So that means that it should be so wet that it easily can fall off a spoon by it self. Different flour types act differently, so it can be that you should add more water to your recipe compared to mine.
  • The right storing is also crusial in order to keep the bread moist. Wrap it in backing paper and put it in a plastic bag and leave in room temperature. NEVER put it in the fridge. That will dry it out in no time!

Where can I buy a bread cutting machine that is shown on the pictures and in the video?

The machines are made by the Danish company Raadvad who now mainly makes knifes. As far as I know they don’t make them any more, but they are very easy to buy second hand online. Just make a Google search for “Brødskærer” and you’ll see. They cost around DKK 300, but will last the next 100 years or more.

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