Why won’t the bread rise?

  Yes, even though that I have made this bread for more than 2 years now each week I can get a thing or two wrong. 

The bread is very dense as you can see at the picture. Usually it filled with small holes spread evenly throughout the loaf. But this time it is not. Why?

The first explanation is that it would not rise. I waited more than two full days with the dough in the form an nothing happened. So then I (because my wife was pushing me to get the bread ready 🙂 ) decided to bake it anyway. I thought that it would might rise some in the oven. But not it stayed flat as pancake 🙂 .

So why didn’t it rise then? Well when I started up the bread I saw that the sourdough had a think molded layer on top that looked so bad that it had to go out. So from that point a had no way to make the bread sour and get it to rise, like I normally have. But I thought that I also just could let the first dough for the rye bread stay out in room temperature for a day more than I normally do. 

The plan proved to be a bit too optimistic. Only a very few bubbles showed after 2 days and I thought that it was good enough. So I went to the last step and added the rest of the rye flour and put it into the forem. And then as mentioned, nothing happened what so ever. But the taste turned out to be fine though. 

So lesson learned: always use a prober sourdough for your rye bread. Don’t cut corners if your sourdough is dead. 

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